We help startups build experiences and digital identities

We are the makers beyond the growth of successful startup.
We are a team of digital workers with proven record in the SaaS industry,
e-commerce, insurance, and high-tech companies.

The way we are

Not only your supplier

See us as a friend. We want to understand your goals - even when it's difficult to express. If we can, we'll work together. Shall we not, you'll be told too.

But a team you can count on

The diversity of our backgrounds and experiences has inspired many clients. Not saying that we know more than others do, but we are happy to share it with you.

Our specialties

As long as you associate the right competences in a seamless way, digital isn't complicated.


Structuring your brand and your design language


Creation of graphic assets that will fit your identity

UX / UI design

Pixel perfect UI and skyrocketed experiences

Web development

Back-end, front end & Webfow integrations

Growth strategy

No shortcut. But analytics and precise methodology
Meet your team

We are Mazette.
Even if we didn't all agree on the name

Baptiste, Arthur, Louis, Alex, Emilien, Jonas, Romain, John... Are these guys outstanding professionals you've been working with?

If you ask each one of us the question, the answer will always be the same.
A massive yes!

What is the point in mentioning it?
Let's face the truth. In companies, no one recommends all of his colleagues...

This is where our crowd stands out.

Because we keep on recommending each other. Because we have gone through challenges hand in hand. Because we experienced the hard and the soft skills of everyone.

This "massive yes" means a lot to us.

HOW We work

Our framework for a perfect

A rigorous process for understanding your market and
objectives. Pretty isn’t enough, only the right way will work

#1 Discovery

Learn about your product, your market and your users

#2 Definition

Of the objectives of our collaboration, to fit your strategy

#3 Building

Experiences, UI, brands, strategies, processes...

#4 Deploying

By making sure everything will fit your goals

#5 Analysing

In order to see if our mutual objectives are completed